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Bookbinding course

Bookbinding is the process of assembling a book either manually or industrially.

Everything started in the distant past. In fact, the idea of ​​putting together simple wooden planks was already known to the Romans in the first century BC.

From wooden boards to parchments, from works of art of copyists from the Middle Ages who created beautiful binds, up until the invention of printing in 1455, bookbinding has always played a major role.

Still to this day, despite new technologies, for those who continue to love books, binding is still an important and integral part of a volume.


  • Ageing of the wood.
  • Technique for making covers for photo albums, diaries etc.
  • Creation of objects with different techniques.
  • Shaded colour paper.
  • Patchwork.
  • Fabrics/leather.
  • Antique effect.
  • Sand and different materials.
  • Closing techniques.
  • Creating decorated cards and envelopes.