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Disegno libero
Firenze nell'Arte

Free-hand drawing course

Drawing tools are: graphite or coloured pencils, pen, fine brushes with ink, crayons, charcoal pencils; the most common materials are paper, poster board, board, wall, canvas, copper, glass. Many drawing materials are applied dry, without any preparation, since they are neither oil nor water based, like in painting. Pure colours are used for drawing, which are not mixed before application. In painting colours are created by mixing the basic colours together. The artist traces or draws what he/she sees while drawing, whether it's an imaginary setting, the memory of a setting or an abstraction.


  • Acquisition of manual skill.
  • Creation of a copy (from Masters of various periods) of a facial detail with the squaring technique using pencil, red chalk, sepia and charcoal.
  • Use of the chiaroscuro technique to emphasise volume.
  • Creation of a copy without the squaring technique, using only median and diagonal co-ordinates to divide the composition.
  • Reproduction of landscapes created by the Old Masters, on small-sized paper using pen and ink, ballpoint pen and felt-tip pen.
  • Real-life drawing.
  • Chiaroscuro sketching using 45° technique or pencil point.
  • Enlargement by means of squaring.
  • Real-life landscape drawing.
  • Study of composition, still life and drapery.
  • Line drawing practice - charcoal drawing, timed drawing and drawing from memory.