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Furniture restoration
“Firenze nell'Arte”

Furniture restoration course

The conservation and restoration of antiques

In conservation restoration, which is carried out on historical and cultural artefacts, the piece of furniture is kept in its actual condition as much as possible, that is, just like it was when we bought it or it was given to us. The original patina is preserved, any missing pieces or areas are integrated with patina wood and the furniture's damaged parts are not replaced but fixed with synthetic resins or natural glues.

The antiques restoration is carried out on more recent pieces instead. The appearance that they had at the moment of their creation must be recreated as much as possible. They must be able to be used again and be functional.


  • Familiarity and care of work tools.
  • Types of wood.
  • Essences (for the reconstruction of missing parts).
  • Organic adhesives and gluing techniques.
  • Construction of the missing parts and reinforcing the item of furniture.
  • Polishing and varnishing materials and techniques.
  • Complete restoration of a wooden item.