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Painting workshops
“Firenze nell'Arte”

Painting course

Strictly speaking, to paint means applying pigments to substrates such as canvas, paper, ceramics, wood, glass, metal sheet or wall. Pigments are essentially solid, therefore a thinner is needed in order to bring them to a more liquid state, whether denser or more fluid, and a binder to obtain along-lasting adhesion to the medium.

The final product is an image that, depending on the artist's intentions, expresses his/her perception of the world or its representation, however, according to his/her personality, creativity and to his/her aesthetic taste and to that of the society that he/she belongs to.


  • Overview of techniques and materials
  • From the conception to the creation
  • Shape and colour
  • Use of coloured pencils and pastel technique.
  • Use of normal and oily temperas.
  • Use of oil colours for glazing and print painting.
  • Copies of Old Masters to practise these techniques, with special attention to fourteenth-century tempera on board and gold background techniques.
  • Landscape oil painting from life.