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Painting restoration
“Firenze nell'Arte”

Painting restoration course

Restoration is an activity related to the maintenance, recovery, restoration and conservation of works of art, cultural heritage, monuments and historical artefacts in general, such as a painting or any other artefact recognised as having particular historical, cultural and aesthetic value.

The study and recognition of the value of each work, its artist and the historical and cultural context in which the work was created are prerequisites for all restoration work.


  • The concept of restoration and study of the painting's nature.
  • Presentation of materials and techniques.
  • Notes on the cleaning of paintings on canvas.
  • Practice on the preparation of substrates using traditional techniques (canvas and board).
  • Consolidation techniques.
  • Reframing techniques.
  • Pictorial integration techniques: application of pictorial integration techniques (colour selection and mimetic integration) with the use of different materials (paints and varnish colours).
  • Final painting.