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Photographic set
“Firenze nell'Arte”

Photography course

The word photography comes from two Greek words: photo (phos) and drawing (graphis).

The concept could be literally translated into "drawing with light." But photography is not only and simply this: it's technical skill, passion and great ability of perceiving, of seeing beyond, inside, the subject being photographed. The ability of grasping the detail of a moment and of a feeling, being able to "write" it again based on one's own thoughts and frame of mind.


  • The camera: how it's made and how it works
  • The correct set-up: analysis of the functions, getting to know the menu and the types of photos that can be taken from automatic to manual for more experienced photographers.
  • The right perspective at the right time: lenses and their types. Fixed, Tele and Zoom lenses. Which one to choose from according to the occasion.
  • Rules of composition: time and shutter, composing the scene before taking the picture, focusing , off-centred subjects and the third party rule.
  • Understanding light: the best time of day for the best photos, natural light and artificial light, balancing white, the flash.
  • Night photography: settings to use for taking photos at night in order to obtain a sharper image and with special effects.
  • The equipment and the accessories: all-round good equipment without spending too much.