Development of techniques for the intergenerational learning that encourage those over 50 to talk about their memories, to safeguard them and transfer them to the young. The process of reconstruction of the memory of those over 50 is accomplished by exchange meetings carried out with young people from 16-30 years of age. Children and young adults participating in the project have the dual function of facilitators and recipients of narratives, as the meetings held produce a dynamic confrontation between generations, highlighting the differences between the everyday "then" and that "of today" profoundly changed by the diffusion of new multimedia technologies.

The results of the data collected will be stored in separate "Memory Boxes”, published online on the websites of partners in different countries. "Memory Boxes” contain audio data, video, images and other documentation to complete the historical context reported by respondents.


The work program is structured in 5 meetings and international events organized in the countries involved , to enable the exchange of information and good practice between the partners. After the experiences in Turkey ( April 2013) , Germany ( August 2013 ) and Poland ( October 2013) , focused on the development of the project contents and the creation of the "Memory Boxes ", the last week of May 2014, an event will be held in Florence which will serve as the final moment of, transfer and optimisation of the results achieved as well as comparison between the partners on the sustainability of activities carried out.

At the end of the project a DVD will be made containing the experiences of intergenerational exchange carried out in each partner country.