Italian language and cultural school for foreigners
The team of the Centro Machiavelli
Our extended family

About us

The team

  • Giuseppina Falsini - head of administration and office
  • Mario Paiano - public relations, coordination and development of the training agency and European projects
  • Helen Holubov - secretary and international relations
  • Tamao Kawashima - marketing and relations with Asian countries
  • Cristiano Sanna - educational director and head of the language and culture programme
  • Giulia Moretti - European project management

The teachers

The school's professors

Our collaborators

  • Katrin Wegener - relations with German-speaking countries
  • Alexandra Barkova - relations with Russian-speaking countries
  • Yeji Choi - assistance to Korean students
  • Azusa Shiokawa - assistance to Japanese students

Where the school is located in Florence