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Restoration course of carpets


  • Analysis of the artefact, origin, classification, age and evaluation of the knotted carpet, fabric processing and Kilim, with an approach to in-depth knowledge of the carpet.
  • Processing phase: conserve - preserve - restore the object with careful analysis of the type and study of the restoration suitable for the object.
  • Analysis and intervention: restoration planning.
  • Washing with demineralized water or steam, fixing with nets and heat-sealed fabrics to protect the damaged parts.
  • Wool dyeing: practice used, both for cottons or wools, for restoration with natural dyes.
  • Conservative restoration phases:
    - Fringes and edges, fastening of the fringes or heads with fastening to the weft and warps.
    - Side edge locking with reconstruction of the same.
    - Reconstruction of corners and uncapping of the carpet by reweaving weft and warps.
    - Reconstruction of the holes on the loom with reweaving of weft and warps.


For every 24 hours 750

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