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Florentine marbled paper
“Firenze nell'Arte”

Marbled paper workshop

Marbled paper is made with a colouring process which occurs from a chemical reaction between two incompatible substances.

The technique consists of pouring, or better scattering, oil or water colours on a sticky solution, so that the colours remain on the surface without mixing or dispersing. The sheet which is then set on the surface slowly absorbs the colours producing the desired effect.

There are traces of Marbled Paper that date back to the 3rd century in China. At first it had a purely decorative function for handwriting. Subsequently marbled paper was used in bookbinding, for covering chests, trunks, fans, etc.

In the eighteenth century marbled papers became a recognised national art, in France and in Italy.


  • Decoration of paper with acrylic colour in a bath of herbal glue and decoration techniques with special combs.
  • Glue preparation, dosage and resting times.
  • Building of special tools for colour combing.
  • Preparation of colours and dilutions and the addition of soaps or waxes to create different effects.
  • Colours sample.
  • Methods of splashing colour on the surface of the glue.
  • Creation of the decorated sheet.
  • Using the sheets to decorate objects like albums, boxes, pencils, pen holders, letter holders and cards.


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