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Painting reproduction
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Painting reproduction course

Painting reproductions have an artistic and not just a business value, with their own particular market.

Reproducing is an art that has always been practised over the centuries; in fact many reproductions of great masterpieces are found in museums today.

While the artist is free to paint, the copyist must carefully study the original work, retracing the passages made by the artist, thoroughly get inside his/her head, become familiar with his/her work and the artistic historical context where the piece was created.


  • Choice of the original piece and historic contextualisation.
  • Accurate analysis of the image.
  • Study of the materials used.
  • Preparation of new materials.
  • The design.
  • Applying the colour.
  • The finish and final effect.
  • The ageing process.


For every 24 hours 700
Registration fee 50

Prices valid upon enrolment for all course commencement dates

Course start dates

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May 14, 28 Nov 12, 26
Jun 11, 25 Dec 10

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Course enrolment

Materials are not included in the price and will be agreed upon at the beginning of the course.

The 24-hour course can be spread over 2 or more weeks.

All courses are taught in Italian.

Registration is valid for one year and includes the accommodation search service, certificates and a few cultural activities.