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Sculpture workshop

Sculpture is the art of making a shape starting from a raw material or putting together different materials.

It is possible to add or subtract, in relation to the material used.

In the case of wood or marble, for example, you subtract by carving, cutting or removing part of the material.

When clay or a similar material is used you proceed progressively by adding more material to the one you began with. The same process works when welding parts that were initially divided, like metal structures combined with welding or putting together different materials with the use of glues. The term sculpture also indicates the final product of the creative process.


Terracotta sculpture

  • Different types of clay, tools and their correct use.
  • Modelling techniques for sculptures in the round, in low and high relief and "a colombino"" (statues which are hollow inside with a uniform thickness).
  • Making of creative pieces, using a pre-existent model or a model from life, also using photographic material and an anatomical atlas.
  • Firing of the piece and application of cold varnishes or polychromes, using tempera or oil colours and wax finishing.

Bronze sculpture

  • Bronze casting includes the production of an original model in wax.
  • The creation of a cast in plaster or silicon rubber to reproduce the model, to then pour wax inside it.
  • Touching up of the piece to prepare it for casting.

Wood sculpture

  • Types of wood and tools.
  • Study and analysis of a bas-relief, followed by the creation of an entire copy or a single detail.
  • Study and analysis of an "in the round" sculpture.
  • Copy from life by creating a clay model, followed by a reproduction in wood.


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