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Sewing workshop

Tailoring and dressmaking is an age-old craft, which has been closely tied to the history of craftsmanship since its origins: it is a profession that has marked the history of costume and fashion, creating custom-made outfits or carrying out custom-made modifications on ready made clothes.

Until the advent of factories and ready-made clothing, the tailor and the seamstress followed the entire process in the creation of an item of clothing. The clothes were custom-made, the fabric, colours and style were specified as per client requests, also the sizes were not issues to be addressed.

Today this type of craftsmanship is being rediscovered by high fashion houses, thanks to the need of liberating themselves from standard tastes and styles.

The tailor works alongside the designer who designs the piece, alongside the pattern maker who then handles cutting and sewing.


  • Paper pattern and skirt making
  • Technique for taking measurements
  • Brief introduction to the sewing machine
  • Creation of a paper pattern for a classic, lined skirt using your own measurements
  • Positioning of the paper pattern on cloth and cutting
  • Trying it on.
  • Making the skirt with lining. The skirt will be sewed using the tailoring method, while the lining will be sewed using the industrial method.
  • Paper pattern for short-sleeved kimono-style top
  • Creation of the paper pattern
  • Positioning of the paper pattern on cloth and cutting
  • Trying it on.
  • Making the top.


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