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Wood inlay
“Firenze nell'Arte”

Wood inlay workshop

Wood inlay is a type of decoration that is created by putting together small pieces of various types of wood or other materials.

Already widespread in the fourteenth century, between 1440 and 1550 it reached its maximum splendour, developing what André Chastel called "cubism of the Renaissance."

The technique is based on the contrast between the various shades of colour of the wooden dowels, different varieties are also combined with metal foils, silver, mother of pearl flakes, ivory, tortoiseshell, etc.

The cuts are made using a fine hacksaw and carefully following the spirals and curves of the design. This way various pieces known as "excavations" are obtained, sometimes very fine, which constitute, in the completed fretwork, the "depressions" for the reconstruction of the original design.


Boring-counter boring inlay

The programme includes the creation of a floral pattern inlay made with the traditional technique and carried out with the use of three veneers through the following stages: preparation of the design, assembly of wood, cutting with hacksaw; assembly and sandblasting, gluing with animal glue, cleaning and grouting, French polishing with swab.

Inlay with India ink

Inlay with a classical motive from the 1500s made with use of two veneers and elaborated again with a fine brush and India ink during the polishing phase.

Geometric inlay

Creation of geometric composition with the use of various veneers. Cutting is carried out with skiving knife.

Perspective inlay

A landscape or architectural design work with use of veneers must be carried out. Cutting is carried out with the same approach used for geometrical work and done with the use of skiving knife.


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