Italian language and cultural school for foreigners
Cultural activities: Ponte Vecchio, detail of the David, white night in Santa Croce, statue of Hercules and Cacus in Piazza della Signoria
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Cultural and recreational activities

3 weekly activities

The Centro Machiavelli offers its students cultural and recreational activities, mostly free, that take place outside of normal school hours. These activities are designed to provide useful information and allow students to become familiar with the Italian scene, to appreciate our historical and artistic heritage and to get around in the city, in the country and in our culture.

The activities also have an obvious socialising function, creating exchange opportunities between students from different classes who meet and speak in Italian, using what they learned in the classroom in real contexts and not in simulated ones. At the request of the students the seminar topics can be explored in monographic courses, with conditions and prices to be determined.

Activities provided by the school

Seminars on historic and artistic topics and visits to places of interest in and around the city

  • Introduction to the city: the organisation, services and cultural events
  • Walking in the historic centre
  • Visits to the main museums and churches
  • Excursions to villas and gardens in the immediate vicinity of the city
  • Visits during temporary exhibitions or events of great interest
  • Visits to Siena, Lucca, Volterra and San Gimignano

Seminars and visits to understand the social economic fabric of the city and its surrounding areas

    Lessons and seminars are held at school with the use of textbooks, slides and videos
  • History of the city
  • Economy of the Florentine belt
  • Urban development
  • Visits to artisan workshops and to historic shops
  • Visits to companies working in the fashion industry
  • Visits to wineries and farms producing oil and wine

Recreational activities (in greater numbers during the summer)

In the summer the activities are in part tied to the programme proposed by the town of Florence and to the opera season at the Arena in Verona.

The activities of the first two sections are free; students will pay only for admission and transportation tickets. Everything will be held in Italianwith brief translations for absolute beginners.

The Boboli Gardens
Florence seen from the rooftops
Chianti landscape
Wine Cellar
Wine tasting
Painting the Tuscan countryside