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The end of the course: certificates and diplomas

Course attendance certificate

At the end of every Italian language course the student receives a certificate of attendance indicating the period and the number of course hours.

Certification of Italian as a Foreign Language

Our school is a training centre for the attainment of the CILS certification.

For students wishing to take the exams in order to obtain the CILS, exam simulations are provided. The tests are made on the basis of information provided by the University for Foreigners of Siena and allow the following skills to be measured: oral and written comprehension, speaking and writing, meta-linguistic competence.

An opportunity for improvement

At the end of each Italian course students are given a questionnaire of the school's facilities and services that should be filled out and delivered to the secretary's office. The questionnaire consists of four sections: the course, the activities, the secretary's office and housing, and allows students to judge according to the indicators. For example, for the item that covers the Italian language course the indicators are as follows: overall satisfaction, organisation of the lesson, proposed activities, materials used, the level of interaction with the group.

The questionnaire is designed to provide all teaching and non-teaching staff members with feedback on their work. This allows them to adjust their lesson planning, to adapt their methods to student needs and requirements, to test new proposals and to constantly verify the suitability of services provided.