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Practical experience and Internship with EXPERIT
The study of the Italian language with an internship

EXPERIT program

New! “Language and Internship”

The EXPERIT program is a chance to combine language study with practical experience through an internship with an Italian company.

EXPERIT provides the ideal opportunity to live an Italian experience in a real context, developing language and professional skills through daily interaction with Italians in stimulating and creative environments.

The EXPERIT program offers a 12-week Italian language course at our school, followed by a 12-week practical internship in Tuscany in a field of interest to you.

Internships are available in the following areas:
Design, fashion, architecture and interior design, food and wine, handicrafts (including leather working, furniture restoration and woodworking, shoemaking, tailoring), artisanal crafts (jewelry, mosaic, gilding, ceramics, fine art restoration), tourism, multimedia services, and other fields relating to your skills and professional goals.


  • Minimum 18 years of age.
  • No prior knowledge of Italian required. The program is also open to beginners.
  • Basic background preparation in the chosen internship field and/or a letter outlining the reasons for the choice of that field.
  • Visa required for non-EU citizens.

NOTE: The internship is part of professional training, and no form of paid compensation is provided by the hosting organizations.


PROGRAM COST: 3.300,00 €


  • 12-week (240 lessons) intensive Italian language course in Florence.
  • 12-week internship in Tuscany. Hours to be arranged according to the specific needs of the company hosting the intern. Maximum 32 hours per week.
  • Selection of the organization where the internship will take place.
  • Meeting and interview with the internship manager within the chosen company.
  • Mentoring and evaluation every two weeks throughout the internship.
  • Assistance with visa request.
  • Help in requesting a residence permit.
  • Accident insurance covering internship premises and third party civil liability insurance.
  • Certificate of participation for Italian language course and internship.

Price: € 3.300

Prices valid upon enrolment for all course commencement dates

Course start dates

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Jan 4, 18 Jul 5, 19
Feb 1, 15 Aug 2, 16, 30
Mar 1, 15, 29 Sept 13, 27
Apr 12, 26 Oct 11, 25
May 10, 24 Nov 8, 22
Jun 7, 21 Dec 6

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