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The Italian courses in Florence

The Italian language study programmes are available for the entire year. The Italian courses have 9 levels, from absolute beginners to advanced.

The group courses are split into semi-intensive, intensive and super intensive depending on the number of hours/lessons attended. With ITALSCHOOLS it is possible to attend an Italian course in Italy, travelling between Rome, Florence, Milan, Venice and Trieste.

Intensive Italian course

Perfect balance between commitment and fun

Semi-intensive Italian course

Improve your knowledge of Italian

Super intensive Italian course

Full immersion in the Italian language

“Giro d'Italia” learn Italian while traveling

Turn your study holiday into an extraordinary journey

EXPERIT program

The study of the Italian language with an internship

We also offer one-to-one courses, tailored to the student's specific needs. Business Italian lessons are aimed at people who have specific needs and must communicate in Italian for work purposes and for negotiations.

Italian lessons for 2 people

We learn by sharing

Italian business lessons

«My business is in Italy»

The combined courses are the union of the intensive course and one or more individual lessons for one or 2 people. They are an effective solution for increased learning of the Italian language.

Intensive Italian + two individual lessons

Maximum results for the time available

Intensive Italian + one lesson for two people

Sharing of common interests and benefits

Intensive Italian + two lessons for two people

Great results with limited costs

In our Italian courses, teachers use a variety of educational materials to motivate students in learning Italian and monitor their progress in the four language skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Real situations are simulated in communication lessons and role playing takes on a very important function for learning vocabulary, syntax and grammar.

Insights into Italian culture allow students to become familiar with Italy through history, current events, the economy and politics. In addition to being treated in single-topic courses and seminars, these issues are also used as topics of conversation and discussion in the lesson.

How the Italian course is run in the classroom
Exercises in Italian
Conversation in Italian
Oral comprehension exercises
Advanced Italian course

Most of our students learn Italian to communicate with Italians in Italy. For this reason we base our methodology on the direct communicative method.

Learning quickly to communicate well is a priority and thus the teachers have to adopt a fun and entertaining approach. Motivation is important and thus the teacher takes on the role of entertainer as well as language instructor.

The programme of extra-curricular activities changes every two weeks. Seminars, excursions and daily trips are offered allowing students to learn about the culture of our region and Italian culture in general.

Activities range from food and wine tasting in Chianti, to the preparation of dishes of our famous cuisine, from themed walks in Florence's historical centre, to tours of cities such as Siena and Lucca and participation in annual and seasonal events such as the Carnival of Venice and the opera programme of the Arena di Verona.