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Passion and experience

Why Italian language school Centro Machiavelli

Our Italian language school is medium sized, meaning we can have daily contact with all our students, spend time with them and look after them throughout their stay with us.

Our groups are small and learning is therefore interactive and quicker. The teacher is able to take into consideration the needs of each individual student. The atmosphere is relaxed, informal and open.

Italian language school in Italy
The secretary's office of the Centro Machiavelli Italian School
The secretary's office of the Centro Machiavelli Italian school
The break between the grammar and conversation lessons at the Centro Machiavelli Italian School
Foreign students socialising while enjoying fruits, sweets and soft drinks
Socialising while chatting in Italian and eating a piece of "schiacciata"
End of course party at the Italian school

Our students come from all over the world, this promotes communication always and only in Italian and requires the teachers to have a flexible and creative mindset. Furthermore, since communication is the basis of the teaching method, great attention is paid to oral skills and the use of a connecting language is reduced to a minimum.

Accommodation is located in the centre and the school is within walking distance. Not having to depend on public transportation is particularly useful when returning home from an evening out at a bar, concert, theatre, restaurant or party.

We are constantly enhancing, adapting and renewing our educational programme in order to meet the changing needs of students.

Our teachers have many years experience in teaching Italian. They organise and regularly attend training and refresher courses on teaching methods, materials and related technologies, in order to teach fun and dynamic Italian lessons.

In addition to our Italian language courses we offer art and crafts courses directly in the workshops of artists studios and artisans, specialised courses in gold and jewellery design, music and singing courses for Opera lovers and singers, cooking courses for professionals and amateurs and a great variety of cultural activities and some just for pure fun. All courses and activities are in Italian and therefore become a stimulating occasion for putting into practice newly acquired communication skills.


Our Italian language school is officially recognised by the Ministry of Education of the Italian Republic

Official recognition of the Ministry of Education, University and Scientific Research (Prot. No. 3762)


European Language Label
Our Italian language school, Centro Machiavelli, obtained the ISO 9001 certification for quality management systems
UNITER certification


Training Agency for Lifelong Learning (Tuscany Region)

Erasmus plus KA120 VET mobility accreditation
Erasmus plus KA120 VET mobility

Grants to students - CSN Loans for Italy. Swedish National Council for student aid


Our qualifications

From 1988 to 2019, the school was part of TANDEM® International - an International Association of Language Schools involved in the research and application of teaching methods based on language and cultural interchanges.

In 2003, the Centro Machiavelli obtained recognition from the Ministry of Education certifying that it was a professionally run school and, in 2005, it achieved ISO 9001:2008 quality certification.

In 2008 it obtained the accreditation from the "Regione Toscana" (Region of Tuscany) as an Educational Agency (Decree No. 5879 dated 10/12/2008).

Since 2009 it has been taking part as a promoter and partner in education and training projects funded by the European Commission, by the Tuscany Region and by the European Social Fund.

Machiavelli Centre is sponsored by the City of Florence for participation in the language training project for citizens from outside the European Community.

As a Training Agency, the Centro Machiavelli also organises internships in companies in various sectors, for the unemployed and Italian and foreign students and workers.