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We are happy to announce our new project


As of 2022 Centro Machiavelli is part of a network of Italian language and culture schools in Italy called SI - STUDIARE ITALIANO, a project created to promote the study of the Italian language in Italy by sharing a huge wealth of experience and knowledge.

Italian courses in Italy

Come and study in one of the schools of the SI - STUDIARE ITALIANO group.

These are schools that have known each other and have already collaborated for years through multiple training projects and which, recently, have decided in a more stable way to combine and expand the training offer for Italian language and culture courses for foreigners in Italy.

“Giro di Italia” through the Italian language schools of the SI group

Do you want to study Italian for work or simply because you love traveling to Italy and you like the lifestyle of the Bel Paese? Choose the Italian course and the city that best suits your goals.

Take an Italian course in Florence, Rome, Milan, Venice or Taormina, without having to worry about organising your trip!

All the schools belonging to the network have lengthy experience in teaching Italian in Italy and are distinguished by the high and officially recognised quality of Italian language teaching which is always carried out in a friendly environment.

Unity and diversity

While maintaining its own history and personality, we believe that this union in the new "community" constitutes an added value to each Italian language school.

Our goal is to satisfy the needs and requirements of all those who choose to learn Italian in Italy, regardless of their country of origin, educational background, age and previous learning experiences.

Learn Italian with us

Each Italian school is located in a different city, study Italian in Italy in the city and school of your choice. We believe in teaching as a means to improve and enrich people's lives, and we can't wait to welcome all those who decide to learn Italian in Italy!

Find out the names and locations of the Italian language schools in Italy belonging to the SI-STUDIARE ITALIANO network.